ALINEDS and KEEPER Empower a Texas Health Organization with a Secure Enterprise Password Solution for Over 2000 Employees.

ALINEDS, a Texas based leading technology solutions provider, recently joined forces with KEEPER, a renowned cybersecurity firm, to implement a comprehensive enterprise password management solution for the Texas Health Organization. This collaboration successfully enhanced the security posture of the healthcare organization, safeguarding sensitive data for more than 2000 employees.


Texas Health Organization, a prominent healthcare institution, faced challenges in maintaining password security across its extensive workforce. With over 2000 employees accessing various systems and applications daily, it became increasingly difficult to ensure the safe storage and management of credentials, posing significant risks to sensitive patient data and organizational assets.


ALINEDS and KEEPER collaborated to deploy a secure, and user-friendly password management solution for the Texas Health Organization. The project involved deploying KEEPER’s cutting-edge Enterprise Password Management platform, tailored to meet the specific security requirements of the healthcare industry. The platform featured:

  1. End-to-end encryption, ensuring secure storage and transmission of passwords.
  2. Role-based access controls, enabling administrators to enforce granular permissions for users.
  3. Seamless integration with existing systems, allowing for minimal disruption during deployment.
  4. Comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities, providing real-time visibility into password-related activities.


The joint efforts of ALINEDS and KEEPER resulted in a successful deployment of the Enterprise Password Management solution for the Texas Health Organization. The organization has since experienced:

  1. Enhanced security posture, with a significant reduction in password-related incidents.
  2. Streamlined password management processes, increasing overall employee productivity.
  3. Improved compliance with industry regulations and best practices for data protection.
  4. Greater employee awareness of password security, fostering a culture of cybersecurity vigilance.


The collaboration between ALINEDS and KEEPER demonstrated the power of combining technology expertise and industry-leading cybersecurity solutions to address complex challenges faced by healthcare organizations. Texas Health Organization now benefits from a robust password management system that not only protects sensitive information but also promotes a secure digital environment for over 2000 employees.



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