ALINEDS Drives a Seamless SharePoint Migration for Texas State Agency with ShareGate

As a leading technology solutions provider, ALINEDS recently spearheaded a successful migration project for Texas State Agency using Microsoft SharePoint Migration Software, ShareGate. This streamlined, efficient migration process resulted in enhanced collaboration, improved data management, and increased security for the public works organization.


Texas State Agency, a vital government entity, faced challenges in upgrading its existing collaboration platform. The organization needed to migrate to a more modern, secure, and efficient system that would empower its workforce and facilitate seamless information sharing among departments.


ALINEDS leveraged its expertise in Microsoft technologies to implement ShareGate, a powerful SharePoint Migration Software, for Texas State Agency. The project involved the following key steps:

  1. Assessing the existing infrastructure and mapping out a detailed migration plan tailored to the organization’s unique needs.
  2. Configuring ShareGate to automate the migration process, ensuring a smooth transition with minimal downtime.
  3. Preserving metadata, version history, and permissions during the migration to maintain data integrity and compliance.
  4. Providing comprehensive training and support to Texas State Agency employees, ensuring a smooth adoption of the new platform.


The successful deployment of ShareGate by ALINEDS resulted in a seamless migration to Microsoft SharePoint for Texas State Agency. The organization has since experienced:

  1. Enhanced collaboration and communication among departments, driving increased productivity and efficiency.
  2. Streamlined data management processes, with centralized document storage and easy access to vital information.
  3. Improved security and compliance, safeguarding sensitive data and adhering to industry regulations.
  4. Simplified platform administration, reducing the burden on IT staff and lowering maintenance costs.


ALINEDS’ strategic deployment of ShareGate for Texas State Agency demonstrates the value of expertly executed migration projects and the benefits of embracing modern collaboration platforms. Texas State Agency now enjoys a robust, secure, and efficient SharePoint environment that supports the organization’s mission and promotes effective collaboration among its workforce.



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